Ed Kress MMA & Self-Defense Seminar 2017

Hit2Fit is real people, with real goals,

doing real self-defense

Hit2Fit Martial Arts & Group Fitness is founded by a husband & wife team whose mission is to change people's lives through martial arts and fitness. Decades of knowledge as both students and teachers, we strive to find a balance between high-performance training and teaching functional real-life self-defense tactics. You will blast calories while having fun! Martial arts is our lifestyle and now we want to provide the ultimate fitness experience for you. Enjoy combinations of the latest in music, techniques, and fitness technology. Our main goal is to help you achieve your goal! Join our Hit2Fit family today and revolutionize the fitness industry.

When selecting a martial arts school for you or your child there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. Each martial arts school is a little different from the programming they teach, the instructors who will be interacting with you or your child, the equipment and cleanliness, the lighting and the location can be important factors.

...Will you like the instructor you’ll be working with? Are you comfortable with the location of the school?                  Will the other students, members and families be welcoming?

There is a special level of confidence that comes with being able to defend yourself standing up and on the ground. Training at HIT2FIT MMA gives you the ability to learn both!

No matter your age, gender, or background, you will find that training mixed martial arts at HIT2FIT is for everyone, not athletically gifted people.