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Fight for your life!! Whether you goal is to lose weight, learn life-saving self-defense, or become a black belt mixed martial artist. Surround yourself with real people, who want real results, who train real self-defense!

We are a motivational community and non-stop inspiration for you to become the best version of yourself! You will find no judgement at any Hit2Fit Martial Arts gym, only dedicated fitness enthusiasts anxious to make each other better!

When selecting a martial arts school for you or your child there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. Each martial arts school is a little different from the programming they teach, the instructors who will be interacting with you or your child, the equipment and cleanliness, the lighting and the location can be important factors.


South Loop Trainers

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"I've had the honor to be trained by my coach Sean "Tazz" for the past three years at Hit2Fit MMA. This gym came into my life when I least expected it but it has transformed a new and better person now in comparison to when I started."
"As an absolute beginner I have been given such meaningful personalized instruction from Karla. I truly can’t imagine a better person to introduce me to this new practice. She already pushes me farther then I think I can go."
"Amanda will help you maximize your workout and push you outside your comfort zone but within your limits."

"Positive man and motivating individual!
As he always said. When you show up to class, It is the best hour of the day!"


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