At Hit2Fit Martial Arts...

we believe there are 3 pillars in raising child's life...their parents, their school and a wild card. That one variable can have a major impact and influence on their future!

Let KICK'N FIT KIDS Martial Arts be your child's wild card. We want to be that influence, to instill that extra discipline, honor, respect, integrity, leadership, motivation, every parent seeks in their child. Our specialized monthly martial arts classes will guide your young student to step into a discovery zone for their mind and body, while providing a safe, yet fun environment. We provide challenging but motivating techniques to get your child moving and learning.

Hit2Fit Martial Arts demands every child's active focus and participation. The result is a team of inspired and proficient young adults with a drive for edification, leadership and a motivation to succeed.


South Loop Location

Monday 5:00pm

Saturday 12:15pm

Westmont Location

Monday/Wednesday 5:30pm 

“I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can bring my kids in with me so they can be learning an array of important life-long lessons such as: the importance of self defense , the discipline required to stay fit and healthy, and respect...All while learning these invaluable lessons myself. A win-win for this family!”
— Jessie P. Westmont Location