Bored with your same old workout routine?

Every class is ALWAYS guaranteed to be a blood pumping, heavy bag-hitting workout, that ANYONE and EVERYONE can do. Your age or fitness level does not matter... All we ask is you give 110% every time! Live heart-rate monitoring combined with years of Jeet Kune Do training and HIIT circuits create a monthly curriculum for you, forcing you NEVER to get bored with workouts again. Challenging, engaging, but incredibly fun exercises will lean and tone, transforming you into a true fighter. We have a class for anybody and any "body"!

“It’s a great place to train with instructors and classmates that genuinely care for your success no matter what your skill level is. There has never been a time where I have felt embarrassed or shy to ask instructors or students questions.’
— Quintin, South Loop Location

Wouldn't it be great to see increased focus on your child’s day to day activities from chores at home, to school and homework?

Imagine if your child stopped to think twice before answering back, or when angered thought before acting. Imagine a day with less whining and complaining when asked to do chores.

Build a child who is full of confidence, unwilling to be bullied, and strong enough to be a leader at home, school, and our community.

A child who develops leadership skills also understands that in order to a good leader they must be a good follower, following good. This helps them to be full of confidence resulting in being great leaders at home, school, and in the Community.

At HIT2FIT Martial Arts we've been helping families and kids discover new found confidence through our MMA programs. Our programs teach self defense standing up and on the ground through MMA which incorporates: 




  • Safe and effective self-defense skills and drills.

  • Immediate improvement in their listening skills and how to focus better at home and school.

  • A sport that gets them up and moving instead of sitting on the couch playing with their electronics.

  • Personal discipline and respect for others.

  • How to deal with bullies at school and not become a bully.



Hit2Fit Incorporates a MAT CHAT in all our programs. During Mat Chats we enhance the character and leadership development of our students. Our Hit2Fit Kids Anti-Bully & Self Defense Mat Chat Curriculum will empower your child as we discuss topics of character development, personal safety and anti-bully awareness. Our main aspects of Mat Chats are: 1.) Character & Leadership 2.) Safety 3.) Discipline 4.) Anti-Bully Awareness

Parents love our mat chats because we talk about the importance of leadership traits like respect, honesty, humility and character.



We train our students to have discipline on and off the mat. We encourage our students to be helpers and over achievers at home. This means; cleaning their rooms without being asked, doing chores, helping with the dishes, being consistent in turning homework in on time and being respectful during school classes.