Functional, personal training that gets real results. Burn fat. Build lean muscle. Free trial!

Do you have…

a small group of friends or co-workers that want to workout together?

Do you have a difficult schedule where you are just unable to attend one of our main group classes? You have dreams of becoming a mma fighter?

Or just have a specific goal and want personalized one-on-one attention?

Tailor your personalized workout goals in your own customizable HIIT or MMA class.

Get the ultimate training experience with one-on-one private personal training or small group classes. Do you want us to come to you?

We do special events, seminars and self-defense instruction right at your workplace or location.

We meet you right where you are at!

I started training at Hit2Fit in October of 2017 and, at the time, weighed 241 pounds along with a 40” waist. I’m in my 50’s and simply got sick of being fat.
Anthony and Amanda, owners / trainers, encouraged me to stick with their training regimen to reach my weight loss goals. Every workout is challenging and rarely ever the same which I enjoy. I burn 1000+ calories per workout which has fired up my metabolism greatly.
I’ve lost 37 lbs. and have maintained my new lower weight for over sixty days. Reduced my waistline by 5 inches and have muscle definition on my arms, chest and legs. All this while learning how to defend yourself!
This is easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I encourage anyone reading this to try a class and stick with it. It works!
— Patrick R.

Personal Training Schedule

By appointment Only. Please call or email us to schedule. Our schedule will revolve around you!