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“One of the best work outs I have ever had. Anthony is such a great instructor, teaches you how to correctly how to do all the moves. I have no background in martial arts and he made it so easy for me to learn the basics and I was still able to keep up with the class. Such a fun work out and it's different everyday so you don't get bored!”- Kristen G. Yelp

“Amanda & Anthony are awesome!!! I'm challenged physically and mentally every time I go. The workout routine is different every time. Training at HIT2FIT twice a week is better than going to the gym 5 days a week. The truth is I never push myself as hard as Amanda & Anthony do. I'm always amazed at what my body can do.”- Cathy R. Yelp

“This was my first experience taking a class like this, I have to say it truly exceeded all my expectations. Anthony and Amanda are extremely skilled and passionate about what they do and you can feel that carried into the workout. I’m excited to say I’m eager to go back! And I’m proud to support such genuinely good people.” -Leah L. Google

“Hit2Fit is the best!!! Amanda and Anthony both are great at training. I had tried training at multiple places but nothing could beat their caliber in addition to enthusiasm with which they teach each tactics. Awesome place to meet your goals in a very friendly plus most effective way.-Sam A. Yelp

“Great attitude from the get go. Helps to motivate. Classes are a great combination of fitness and technical elements. Love the use of the heart monitors. It keeps me honest and pushing myself.”- Steven R. Yelp

“I've always hated working out but this place has actually made me look forward to going to the gym. Class size is intimate, so the trainers are able to help you improve every week. Class is never boring and I can honestly say that I have fun while I'm there. Sure, I'm exhausted but I know it was worth it! Anthony and Amanda are amazing, and I'm so glad I found the right gym for me!”- Lauren W. Yelp


Hit2Fit Weight Loss Transformations & Testimonials



HIT2FIT martial arts owner, lead instructor & life-long Student

“I’ve lost 35lbs and down to 14% body fat because of martial arts.” Martial Arts has truly saved my life. Dady by day, I started lifting weights, changing my eating habits, which really helped get the fitness ball rolling, but mixed martial arts has transformed inside out. I’ve not only lost 35lbs and 10% pure fat, I’ve learned so much about self-defense and myself. As an airline pilot, sitting up to 14 hours a day, being gone from home, 4 days a week, eating out and living from a suitcase…a fit, nutritious lifestyle is almost impossible. ALMOST. When you have a passion, nothing will get in your way. Determination became routine. I have gone from being a heavier, self-conscious lady to a fit, muscular, confident woman.

Getting in shape is hard work. As founder and instructor of Hit2Fit, as well as a lifelong avid fitness fanatic and personal trainer, I will be one of hundreds to vouch Hit2Fit gym has transformed my life. We not only improve your overall physical, mental and spiritual health but we are here to help shed some serious weight for extreme body transformations; to teach necessary self-defense for confidence and safety; & to train athletes who inspire to be great champions. “Fight” to keep you dreams alive!” - Amanda B.

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“Hit2fit is a truly impressive gym and training studio. I have been training here for nearly a year and have lost over 40 pounds and have become a MMA practitioner. I have a hard time calling it a gym because it is truly a unique experience consisting of small classes, ever-changing circuit training, and expert trainers. Anthony and Amanda are truly professional, caring, and very encouraging trainers. Small group sizes make it feel like personal training instead of impersonal classes. Anthony and Amanda will help you maximize your workout and push you outside your comfort zone but within your limits. The gym is very approachable and welcomes fitness levels of all types. The gym is also a great value since there are many options for membership and no binding contracts or year long commitments. What makes Hit2fit even better is the interactive fitness tracking and real time heart rate monitors. This brings a unique level of engagement and accountability. I would say overall Hit2fit is an amazing gym in the Westmont/Downers Grove area. I would highly recommend it if you want to get serious about having fun and getting an amazing workout in a new way.”-Mark S.



“Absolutely love Hit2Fit Chicago. I was looking for a place that would address and meet all my fitness needs/goals. After the first class, I stopped looking at other kickboxing gyms. It is the place you want to be! Anthony and Amanda are fantastic at personalizing each class to meet the needs of the students. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a kickboxing class” - Bala N.

Kristen V.

“I always look forward to the classes. Anthony and Amanda are awesome instructors and really know what they're doing! Always leaving feeling better after the hour workout! Highly recommend this academy to everyone.” -Kristen V


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