Group Yoga Classes

Increase flexibility, endurance, & balance with Yoga poses & meditation

45 minute yoga & meditation class will:


Develop and improve flexibility

Having increased flexibility improves your overall health. It will aid in your torque while throwing punches, submissions in Brazilian jiujitsu & grappling, and many Jean-Claude Van Damme-style high kicks.

Help Faster muscle recovery

The various stances and positions are designed to stretch the muscles, add fluidity back to the joints, and improve flexibility in general.

Increase your endurance

Holding the different asanas for long periods of time will improve your overall body strength, which will in turn increase stamina and mental toughness.

regulate your breathing

Breathing & meditation techniques will aid in clearing your mind and help you become more focused. Of course, focus is one of the most important aspects of practicing martial arts.


Improve your Balance

Yoga will also improve your balance. Poses like tree pose require you to stand balanced on one leg for long periods of time. By doing these poses, your internal equilibrium will become more balanced. Having improved balance will keep you light on your feet to float like a beautiful and Mohammed Ali.

Boost your core strength

Many yoga poses are held for extended periods of time, and force you to utilize your core muscles. Core muscles are the foundation of strong punches and kicks. Get ready to see a big increase in power - especially if you know how to throw a good Muay Thai kick!


Saturday 10:30am